See us at Conwy Feast 2016!

2015.10.25 Conwy Feast-229

We are pleased to be part of Gwledd Conwy Feast again this year – we will next to our shop on Conwy Quay selling freshly cooked Conwy mussels in one of our secret recipes…

You can see the full details for the Feast here

Conwy Mussels on Hairy Bikers!

Thanks everyone for all your fantastic comments on our appearance on the Hairy Bikers show. We have had people phone from all over the country asking about our mussels, which is just great!

Gwledd Conwy Feast 2015

With so many lovely foodie things to try and buy at Gwledd Conwy Feast, it’s always a great day out. This year there was a really lovely community magic about the Feast. We where there with fresh mussels. See all the details for the 2016 event here

Conwy Mussels on TV

We thought we would share some TV coverage that really nicely shows how we work here at Conwy Mussels.

See the article on Phil Vickery’s Conwy Mussels feature page here

An exciting mussel recipe (Moules Farcies)

After a good hunt around, we couldn’t find a decent English language copy of a mussels recipe for a dish we discovered in the little seafood-loving French village of Collioure. After a bit of trial and error, here then is the our translation of the receipe for Moules Farcies.

This is basically mussels grilled with garlic butter and herbs. Give it a try, it tastes great and is really impressive to look at.


Mussels on an open fire?

To see if it was really possible to live the dream, one on of the hottest days of summer, we used one of our boats to ride to a sandy beach in Conwy with a bag full of mussels a grill and some dritfwood in tow. He is how we got on…