The Conwy Mussel Story…

We have just taken the time to condense our history / story into two information boards for the side of our unit in Conwy. You can read the story online here.

2 thoughts on “The Conwy Mussel Story…

  1. Oh my goodness, just bought my first mussel pan…is it true that you have closed? My son introduced me to conwy mussels, how can I possibly go out and buy the dry small hard blobs that are for sale as an alternative??? Please say you havn’t.,.although I appreciate i’m the wrong end of the season,i was planning a mussels and crepes night..strange combo but friendly cos everyone shares..If you have? my pan is being returned…Conwy county council should be ashamed..they will forfeit a lot of business and they will have to buy dry small hard blobs as well…good luck with all you choose to do in the future ..x

  2. Had our first ever Conwy mussels this evening, cooked in cider with shallots. They were, by far, the best mussels I have have ever tasted. We now have another reason for visiting Conwy.

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