How are Conwy Mussels different to ones I find in the supermarket?

Our mussels are much larger in size and will have a greater meat content and taste compared to supermarket bought mussels. This is probably because they grow naturally in the right environment and the way in which we rake the fish, a skill that has been passed down from generation to generation, is completely natural and ensures sustainability. Conwy mussels aren’t rope grown, dredged or imported from abroad; our mussels come fresh from the sea, direct to your plate.

Where can I buy Conwy Mussels

We supply our mussels to fish markets as far afield as Huddersfield, Birmingham and Manchester and Leeds, as well as to local seafood wholesalers here in Wales, however, the easiest way to get your hands on some Conwy Mussels is to come straight to our shop on Conwy Quay. See a list of our stockists here

How do I cook mussels?

Mussels are extremely versatile when it comes to cooking. They are just as tasty whether they are grilled, deep fried or boiled, but the most popular way to prepare them is by steaming them first to open the shells and get to the tasty meat. From there, it’s up to you. See a selection of our favourite recipes here.

Where do the mussels come from?

Conwy mussels form naturally, deep in the sea bed where the Conwy River meets the ocean. The clear waters from the mountain springs of Snowdonia, mixing with the sea water offers the perfect environment for mussels to grow, which is why Conwy mussels are so much larger and have such a distinctive taste compared to mussels that have been rope grown.

When are mussels in season?

Conwy mussels are at their best in the winter and our typical season runs from 1st September through to the end of April. The mussels tend to breed during summer months, so we prefer not to disturb them.

What do mussels eat?

Mussels like to eat microscopic plants and animals, called Plankton, that live in the water around them. As the water passes over them they suck in anything tasty.

Are they clean and safe to eat?

Conwy mussels form and grow where the fresh spring waters and the sea water come together, offering just the right amount of clear water and food to help them flourish. And once they’ve been gathered, our mussels are thoroughly cleaned for 48 hours during the purifying process, removing anything bad without affecting their great taste. To reduce any chance of grit getting into the meat, we recommend scraping of any barnacles and pulling out the ‘beard’ before cooking.

How long can mussels be stored before cooking?

Our mussels are purified for 48 hours and packaged securely before being made available to buy, so providing you pierce the bag and keep them refrigerated, the mussels should keep for up to 3 days.

I’ve heard you shouldn’t eat opened mussels or mussels that float, is that true?

Some mussels may open while being stored and it is best to remove any that don’t close up again when you give them a little tap. Floating, however, isn’t always a sign that the mussel is no longer alive as they can trap air in their shell when they close, which makes them float when placed in water.